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Khidmah Formalizes Partnership with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA)

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Abu Dhabi, December 2016: Abu Dhabi Housing Authority signed two Memorandums of Understanding with Khidmah LLC and Manazel Real Estate to provide special packages of planned preventative maintenance for the Emirati Locals’ accommodations; this comes from the vision of Abu Dhabi government to work as one system in achieving Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 by enhancing the cooperation and understanding between public and private sectors.

The two memorandums were signed by His Excellency Saif Badr Al Qubaisei, Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Mr. Abdulla Saeed Khalfan Al Qamzi, Delegated Board Member of Khidmah LLC, and Mr. Yaqoob Al Dosarei, Chief Executive Officer of Manazel Real Estate. ADHA HQ hosted the event with the attendance of few, select employees from all three entities, (ADHA, Khidmah, and Manazel).

The two memorandums stipulate that Abu Dhabi Authority should facilitate in signing agreements directly between Khidmah, Manazel, and the prospective Emirati Home Buyers, to provide specialized packages for the planned preventative maintenance of their new homes, which have been provided by the ADHA; such plans include, but are not limited to, planned preventative maintenance provided by experienced engineers. This partnership raises awareness of the importance of investing in planned preventative maintenance in order to maintain the equipment and mechanisms within the unit, not only reducing the costs associated with repairing equipment, but ultimately leading to sustained value of the property over time.

Both companies, Khidmah and Manazel, will be signing agreements under their company names, not as agents of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, subsequently, making the each party liable to fulfill all legal and contractual obligations under any agreements. Additionally, ADHA will reserve their right to supervise both companies and guarantee the quality of the works provided meet the quality, security, and safety specifications set by the terms of the agreements signed between Khidmah, Manazel and the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority.

After signing the memorandums, His Excellency Saif Badr Al Qubaisei stated that the Authority’s concern is to provide the best services throughout the entire length of the contract period. His Excellency continued to recognize Khidmah and Manazel as 2 Emirate Companies that were pioneers in the Property Management and Services Sectors, noting that, for this reason, both companies would undoubtedly provide the highest quality of Planned Preventative Maintenance Services, abiding by global standards, carried out by their experienced teams of the thoroughly trained technicians.

It is an honour for Khidmah to be considered in such a major agreement, and it can be said that our partnership with Abu Dhabi Housin Authority is a key indicator of our successes and continued growth, ADHA would only choose the best in the industry to provide these services. We look forward to living up to the expectations set by His Excellency Saif Badr Al Qubaisei, by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, and by the future Emirati homeowners who we will be servicing.

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